Cathar Castles

Cathar Castles

Cathar Castles

The Cathar castles are one of the major attractions for those staying in our Languedoc villa rental. Villa La Cascade is in the heart of the Pays Cathare - meaning "Land of the Cathars" highlighting the Cathar heritage and history of the region where Catharism was traditionally strongest.

Catharism was a name given to a Christian religious sect in the Languedoc area in the 11th to 13th centuries. The Cathars were sometimes referred to as the Albigensians (from Albi, near Toulouse). Many visitors to our villa holiday home take in the Cathar castles as part of their holiday. Rising out of the Languedoc plain guarding the old border between France and Aragon, they are reminders of when Languedoc echoed to the sound of horses’ hooves and cannon.

The anti-Cathar Albigensian Crusade eradicated the Cathars. The Crusade enabled France to conquer the independent principalities of Languedoc, such as Toulouse. Like ancient sentinels, the Cathar Castles gaze across a landscape barely changed since medieval times. From Villa La Cascade you can visit Montsegur, Queribus, Termes, Peyrepertuse and many other stunning monuments, each with a unique and often tragic history. Book Here

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  • 3 en-suite Double Rooms
  • Private Pool
  • Secluded Garden
  • Beside Pretty Village
  • 30 Minutes to Beaches
  • Magnificent Views
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We spent most of the time in the garden as its so beautiful. It was hard to leave the villa but we'll be back!

Naomi Larsson - Stockholm
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